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Answers to your Questions

Do I need to be at a certain athletic level to train?

No, we work with all types from beginner to advanced athleticism. All we ask for is to come with a positive mindset and ready to work attitude!

Can I spread out my workouts or do they have to be consecutive days?

Yes, if you book two or more sessions then they can be spread out as long as they are within the same week

(ex. William books a 3-session package and selects Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as his workout days all in the same week)

How does training differ from beginners to experts?

Beginners will genuinely start off at a low to moderate intensity, slower pace, and basic exercises/activities. Each session as the beginner begins to feel comfortable and show increase adaptivity to the exercises/activities, they will increase their intensity, pace, and do more advance exercises/activities. The time frame depends on the individual, if they are working hard and are doing 3-5 sessions per week then they will advance to a higher level within 3 months.

What do I need in order to be prepared for the work out?

Please come prepared in workout clothes, bring water and/or any hydration beverages, and lastly a ready to work attitude..! 

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