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Train for Success & your Well-being..!

First, let’s start with the name! The "K" stands for numerous things, like kinesiology and kinetics, which pertain to the understanding and movement of the human body. The words key and keep, which are goal and motivation oriented. Lastly Khael, which is my nickname, and anything I put my name on I will devote all I have to ensure that each and every client reaches the goals that they set out to achieve. The "Fitt" simply stands for frequency, intensity, time, and type, and is also short for the word fitness. Frequency is how often you work out, 3-5 times a week is recommended for the best results. Intensity is the range of how hard you work out, this can range from low (easiest), moderate (intermediate), to high (vigorous). Time is how long you spend working out, it is recommended that you spend 30-90 minutes every work out. Type is the kinds of work outs that focuses on enhancing certain aspects of the body, a few examples are cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, strength training, flexibility, coordination, and agility. 

Bryson Young

About K FITT...

   We are a professional physical activity/training company that can enhance the overall physical conditioning and athletic performance in adults and youth clients by training them how collegiate and professional athletes get trained, but without over/under endurance training, over/under weight training, over/under nutritional needs, and we will not ‘burn out’ our clients. We always keep in mind that the kids we train must be allowed to live like a normal kid should. Kids love to run around and play, especially with other kids. That is why our workouts emphasize the ‘fun’ aspect about them instead of the aspect of working out until you are sore and can barely move your limbs. That is a symptom of over-training, your muscles are telling your body that they need rest to return to a normal state, which will take away from time you can spend getting stronger and better and implies a high risk of injury. This applies to our adults we train too, each person is different and wants different results, so we taper the difficulty level to what the client feels comfortable with and their health goals.

  At K FITT we go about everything the smart way, especially with kids that are under 18 years old that do not need to be lifting more weight than they weigh, or their body can handle. Through firsthand observation and research, we found out that workouts that are too hard and that push people to do heavy weights too early tends to disparage most people and drives them away from anything that deals with training/working out, also it is a key indicator that the body is at a high risk for injury. That is why we will never train any of our youth athletes like they are grown adults, or any client to a point where it is detrimental to their overall mental/physical health and wellness.

Other training companies do not treat their youth athletes as kids, they instead put them on a vigorous training program that causes them to have acute and long-term injuries and may stunt their growth in the future. Also, they lack sensitivity to individual clients mental/physical health and wellness. Injuries are a part of life, some will happen no matter how much you try to prevent them, but there are certain injuries that can be avoided if you get trained the right way which fits your body’s needs and limitations. That is why at FITT each client will know how much stress their body can take by assessments and pre-testing. This way each client will be able to increase in all areas that they need to increase in while not getting injured or getting disparaged.

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